02 July 2014

Restaurant review – Barbeque Nation

Serving heavenly minced mutton kebabs, succulent tandoori chicken, sumptuous crunchy corn preparations, melt-in-the-mouth cottage cheese kebabs and passable barbequed veggies, the restaurant chain promises “the world on a grill” and boasts of well-conceived ambiance with red brickwork, orange and yellow lightning and ample seating space. 

The best part – patrons can barbeque their own dishes by means of a small live-grill embedded in each table complete with stylish brushes for applying marinating sauces (rosemary, lemon and Oriental), skewers and dressing sauces (garlic, sesame dip, minty yoghurt) – the waiter would keep on refilling the skewers as long as the visitor doesn’t bend the metallic flag on the table that indicates the visitor’s desire to have more of the starters. Of course, the food is almost cooked before it reaches your table, but the chance to grille on your own is fun too (one can also ask the waiter to barbeque, like I did).

With a complimentary drink on the side (beer/fruit mocktail/soft drinks), it is near impossible for normal visitors to move past the starters to the main course – vegetarian and non-vegetarian rice preparations along with one heartwarming dish each of chicken, mutton and fish (the last isn’t so delicious at the restaurants in Delhi) and several vegetarian options, along with a unique range of salads and desserts. 

Despite the obvious crunch on the pocket that the Rs 750+taxes (600+taxes in Calcutta) reservation for one proves to be, the restaurant chain is an obvious choice for non-vegetarians, though the vegetarians are left a bit dry since there aren’t many options available in veggie barbeque – sweet pineapples, corn preparations, crunchy jackfruit, cottage cheese kebabs and lotus stem kebabs. But the plus point – even at the fixed price buffet, one can spend upto 6 hours gorging on the starters and the main course, and food photography is allowed too! 

The fixed-price, endless-serving meal with an extensive menu and that too in such an ambient environment with lavish interiors and mouthwatering salads and desserts is simply unbeatable! A force of well-trained staff and genial chefs ensures that visitor experience and satisfaction is at an optimum. 

Consider it a gastronomic heaven or hell, depending on the girth of your belly and your financial capacity, Barbeque Nation is best visited on an empty stomach unless you are a glutton like me who can have dinner after dinner followed by multi-course dessert!

Location: Outlets are located in all major cities - Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Surat, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur.
Buffet for one: Varies from city to city; Delhi: Rs 750+taxes; Calcutta: Rs 600+taxes
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