January 24, 2014

Photo Publication

Two of my photographs have been featured in a book published by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Govt. of India. Titled "Razia Sultan" & authored by Mrs Rashmi Swarup Johri, the book details the life & struggles of Razia Sultan, the only female Empress of India till date who reigned from AD 1236-40. 

Front cover

Of the two photos, the first is of the enigmatic Qutb Minar that was commissioned by Qutbuddin Aibak (ruled AD 1192-1210). 
 established Muslim rule in India on the orders of his master Sultan Muizuddin ibn Sam Muhammad Ghuri & founded the Slave ("Mamluk") Dynasty to which belonged Empress Razia.

Qutb Minar

The second photo is that of Razia's controversial grave in the Bulbuli Khana area of Shahjanabad (Old Delhi). The photo also appears on the back cover of the book. I had visited the crumbling graves back in 2012. You can access the original posts here - 
  1. Pixelated Memories - Qutb Minar, New Delhi
  2. Pixelated Memories - Razia Sultan's Grave, New Delhi

Back cover (The third photograph is mine)

As of now, the book is available at CGO Complex (Soochna Bhavan), Lodi Road. It would also be available at all the upcoming book fairs throughout the country. 

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